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At Calvillo Law, PPLC, we know that nothing is more important than family. Our Houston-based attorneys are committed to using our experience in the legal arena to provide guidance and solutions to families in need of legal advice. From pre-marital contracts, amicable or complex divorces, and financial and property litigation, to delicate custody cases and child support mediation, the attorneys of Calvillo Law, PPLC have the legal expertise and experience to provide trusted, sympathetic legal counsel for a wide range of issues.

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At Calvillo Law, PPLC, we focus primarily on pre-marital and divorce cases, family law appeals, child custody and support disputes, and property settlements. Our attorneys have the skills and tact to resolve issues quickly, often with settlement or mediation, but if a trial is required, we are the tough as nails, dedicated advocates you need by your side.
While the end of a marriage is rarely ever positive, there are ways to make the divorce process as smooth and conflict-free as possible. Our expert houston divorce lawyers will provide a realistic evaluation of your case and devise the best strategy for your unique situation.
Child custody is a complex, emotionally charged issue that often involves visitation schedules, financial disputes, and divorce proceedings. Our family attorneys listen to your concerns and provide accurate information and representation to help you protect yourself and your children.
Child support cases require mediation for more than just a dollar amount. Establishing, changing, and enforcing child support are in the best interest of your child, which is why adequate representation is so important. Our firm always puts you and your children first.
Pre-marital contracts (also known as prenuptial agreements) are increasingly part of the marriage process for couples of all financial backgrounds. Our firm is experienced in helping couples spell out their financial rights and responsibilities. Without a contract in place, state law will determine ownership of property obtained during marriage.
While most property cases end in settlement, rather than trial, it is still crucial to have proper representation to ensure that all of your options are clearly explained and the best course of action is pursued. Our firm has the experience and expertise to resolve your property disputes, from estate planning to marital agreements.
Appealing a court ruling is a challenging process, but our attorneys can help. The appeals process requires an astute attorney with an in depth knowledge of the intricate rules of the appeals court and the ability to successfully negotiate in order to reverse an unsatisfactory decision.

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Choosing a houston family attorney is a complicated task. We try to make it simple. At Calvillo Law, PPLC, our attorneys have the education, experience, and sensitivity to provide invaluable legal counsel in the delicate proceedings typical of family law.

Put the Focus on Your Family

The attorneys of Calvillo Law, PPLC practice family law. By concentrating our focus on family law, we provide the highest possible quality legal advice and service. Our focuses include:

  • Pre-Marital Contracts
  • Property Settlements
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Family Law Appeals

Put Our Legal Experts in Your Family's Corner

Protecting your family is as important to us as it is to you. Our established and experienced firm is here to help you through the difficult issues that come with family law cases. First and foremost, we are here to listen to you. Addressing your concerns and providing you with accurate and reliable legal advice that allows you to fully understand your circumstances, options, and decisions is the first step toward resolving your family’s legal issues. In some situations, the attorneys of Calvillo Law, PPLC will be able to settle your case outside of court through the use of mediation and advanced negotiation tactics. Avoiding a court trial means avoiding the attorney’s fees associated with becoming trial ready and battling it out in front of a judge who makes the final ruling. In the event that a trial is necessary, you’ll find yourself represented by a sharp, aggressive champion who will fight for you and your family.

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